Kid Soup

My husband and I are preparing to move across the country soon, so I have started packing. Okay, no I haven’t, but I have at least thought about packing.

Today I started going through my cupboards to throw stuff away. My kids needed attention, so I thought I would let them make “Kid Soup” out of all the old food I was going to throw away (Look! I’m practically recycling). I found old chips, marshmallows, raisins, etc. in my pantry and gave them to my little chefs.


I gave them a small pan full of water, a spoon, and all the “ingredients” they could possibly want. They used whatever ingredients they wanted for their soup and when their soup was done, I took it to the other room and pretended to serve it to imaginary guests, who of course, demanded more.  I then emptied their pans in the sink, gave them new water, and they would start a new pan of soup.

Yes, this activity is a little messy, but remember, messes are fun. Plus, I needed to sweep and mop my floors anyway, so my kids may as well enjoy a good time on the floor before I clean it.

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