Meet the Mormons

Today Elder David A. Bednar gave a address about social media and other topics, an address I am excited to watch. But one part of the address I didn’t want to wait to share.

Elder Bednar announced a full-length feature fill to be put out commercially by the church, the movie is called “Meet the Mormons” and this is the trailer:

Looks like a great film, can’t wait to see it.

For more information see the LDS Newsroom post.

For additional insight like this “Church leaders have a lot of confidence in their membership, he said. “They never once, not once, ever told us who or where or what to shoot,” he said. “We were tasked with one thing: ‘Try to capture, as best you can, who we really are.’ That is it.” see the Deseret News Article

Excited to see it? What are your thoughts?

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  • In the movie do they discuss the issues of being damned if you don’t practice and support polygamy, the Mormon church being undone if blacks are ever allowed into the priesthood, God having multiple wives, Jesus having multiple wives, Jesus and Lucifer being brothers, Quakers living on the moon, and the recent Meridian Magazine article (a Mormon publication) saying Joseph Smith didn’t actually refer to the golden plates to write the Book of Mormon?

    • Luke Hopkin

      This movie discusses the people, not these “issues” as you call them – that aren’t issues at all. Your polygamy issue is false, your issues with the priesthood, multiple wives, the origin of Lucifer, and the silly quaker/moon comment have all been dealt with many times over and in excess. You are welcome to research further at and and all of which will give you additional insight into these non-issues – and will do so with out taking anything away from your faith. Also, the Meridian is not an official publication of any kind. It is about Mormon related stuff by some Mormons. And even further, the multiple tools in which Joseph received the inspired translation (very different than a scholarly translation) have been well known and long since published. Again, non-issues.

      I like some of the stuff on your blog. I will have to read more. It seems you are working a good work. I especially like this: “Though of some value, the value of a man is not their color, their social status, or their upbringing. The value of a person is in the soul.” That is truth right there and well said!