Through the Eyes of Defectors

One of my favorite parts from this last General Conference was when Elder Andersen quoted someone I miss very much, Elder Neal A. Maxwell. I really miss Elder Maxwell’s way with words.

Here is the quote:

“Studying the Church … through the eyes of its defectors,” Elder Neal A. Maxwell once said, is “like interviewing Judas to understand Jesus. Defectors always tell us more about themselves than about that from which they have departed.”

It has always been interesting to me how often people regard those who have “defected” from the truth as somehow “more enlightened” or “more objective”. When in reality they, like Judas’ 30 pieces of silver, have specific motivators.

Below is the video to Elder Andersen’s talk. And HERE is the text.

I am also excited to review the talk from which the original quote comes: Elder Neal A. Maxwell: All Hell Is Moved.  It contain’s such gems as this:

Remember, however, that while it is possible to have an imperfect people possessed of perfect doctrines (indeed, such is necessary to change their imperfections), you will never, never see the reverse: a perfect people with imperfect doctrines. “

Elder Andersen’s talk:


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