I love talking to people. I love when they share their stories with me and answer all my little questions. Stepping into other’s shoes for a moment can be a very beneficial experience.

With Easter weekend coming on, the church has again launched, what is basically, a world wide testimony meeting. Using the hashtag #becausehelives, folks from all over the world are sharing their love of Christ.

On a special Mormon.org page the church has posted information about the last week of Christ’s life, along with a video about Christ’s role in our lives. A part of the page is displaying all of the #becauseofhim posts that people have posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – from all over the world.

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So the question is: how has Christ changed your life?

Share your experiences, your testimony, with the hashtag #becauseofhim.

And see more at the Mormon.org website.