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Bathrooms are a case study of courtesy

The  morning after I moved into my first college dorm I got up and walked out of my room and into the community bathroom. Still in a stupor I moved up to the urinal and stepped in something cold. I looked down blinking to clear my eyes and saw my feet sitting in a pool of yellow liquid. Welcome to college. It was the FIRST DAY and there were pools of pee under the urinals, sprayed on the seat and around every toilet and a rather unsavory odor. Don’t get me wrong, up to that point in my life I’m sure I sprayed my fair share of toilets, but I was appalled! It was even worse when I realize that the person cleaning the bathroom was a woman (gratefully, she used a garden house for the floors).

I bought flip flops that day. I also had a dilemma. Those pools of pee were HUGE and I didn’t want to track it all over the bathroom and down the hall. The toilets were better, but not by much. I decided I didn’t want to be part of the PAOT (peeing all over toilets) epidemic.

The Root of the Problem
Have you ever sat down on a toilet only to feel something cold and wet? You hope it’s clean water flung off of someone’s recently washed hands, but that’s really just wishful thinking if you have a boy in the house. That’s right. You just sat in pee, and it wasn’t even yours. If you’re constantly surprised by this, it’s your lucky day, I’m here to offer enlightenment.

How does this happen? Is it carelessness? For urinals yes, but for toilets the problem is standing while you pee. Even if you’re a sharpshooter and hit the center of the toilet bowl there are two problems: little bits of pee that fly off the stream and the splash when it hits the water in the toilet bowl. Not only that, if you get a kink in your hose it’s going to spray all over on accident (don’t lie dude, it’s happened to everyone once or twice).

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